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Bearing Burdens

Josie Miller just wants to pay off her loan shark, get custody of her dead sister’s kids, and get on with her life. She doesn’t expect to stumble across a mostly dead guy in the middle of an illicit errand, or for him to show up a week later and save her life. Kaiser seems like the perfect guy to share her burdens, even if she suspects he’s hiding something major.

Barrett Kaiser will do anything to repay the debt when Josie saves his life, and his bear will do anything to keep Josie in their lives. They both have complicated pasts, but he knows they can build a future together. Except troublesome coyotes, a pack of rogue wolves outside the city, and the four unruly bears in his den stand between him and his mate.

Josie might not know what’s going on when wolves attack her and Kaiser, but she knows she’ll fight the entire city to protect her family. As more wolves pile on and Josie confronts lawyers, her sister’s choices, and her own changing nature, she wonders whether she can truly trust anyone. Can Kaiser save her family, or will he turn into one more burden for her to bear?

Bearing Hearts

Lucy Randall couldn’t save her partner, Ragnar, when their mission against a rogue wolf-pack went bad, but she can finish the job and at least honor Ragnar’s memory by killing the men who ambushed him. Reaching the investigator who hired her, Smith, seems easy enough — until she runs into a man with Ragnar’s face and twice as much attitude.

Axel always thought he would have time to mend fences with his twin brother, until a strange girl with purple hair careens into his life and tells him otherwise. And when it becomes clear Lucy carries other secrets with her, Axel wonders whether inviting her into his life will only destroy what remains of his heart.

Can they avenge Ragnar’s death and get one step closer to destroying the rogue wolf-pack, or will their hearts grow too heavy to bear?

Bearing Scars

Kara flees a rogue pack to save her own life, but knows she has to go back to save her brother, Nick. Leaving him behind forever, in the evil alpha’s clutches, isn’t an option. When the rogue wolves chase her, though, Kara faces a lonely death in the woods — until an enormous bear shifter races in to save her.

Owen fights his ghosts every night in his dreams, but he’s ready to fight the evil alpha and his pack every day if it means protecting Kara. When Kara’s brother needs rescuing, Owen would go against the bears and the rest of the city to give Kara some peace of mind.

But when the rogue pack demands a trade that endangers Kara, Nick, and most of the bears, how far will Kara go to save her brother? And how much will Owen sacrifice to protect her?

Bearing Demons

Greer O’Brien has seen all kinds of tragedy as a homicide detective, and she’s witnessed her fair share as a banshee, too. When she finds a dying man, the banshee sings his death-song – except the handsome shifter doesn’t stay dead. Greer isn’t ready for Malcolm MacNevin to disrupt her solitary life, and she certainly isn’t ready for him to kidnap her.

Malcolm struggles to find peace with the demon bear that possesses him, and is lost until Greer’s song awakens him from a very dark place. Before he can convince the beautiful detective to stay with him, though, Malcolm learns his baby sister has gone missing in the city. He has to find her before the rogue pack does.

When Malcolm’s search runs afoul of the law, Greer walks a fine line between her oath as a detective and her growing feelings for Malcolm. She’ll even face off with Russian mobsters, crazy fae overlords, and a rogue pack to save Malcolm’s sister. But will that be enough to save Malcolm from his demons?

Bearing Secrets

Sunshine Wilkes runs a shelter and escape route for women with nasty husbands. She handles whatever the world throws at her… until she rescues a crazy pregnant lady raving about werewolves — and carrying a little boy with a puppy tail. Sunny realizes she’s in over her head in a magical world she didn’t know existed. So when a detective pal recommends a gorgeous Russian thug as a bodyguard, Sunny doesn’t mind at all.

Sasha Medvedev survived a Siberian prison, his parents’ murder, roaming the Russian wilderness as a bear, and dealing death as a hitman for the Russian mob. All he wants is a quiet den, strong vodka, and vengeance for his parents. He’s got one man left to punish for their death when Sunny careens into his life, bringing chaos and the first glimpse of hope he’s had in years.

Sunny can handle a guy with a dodgy past — everyone’s got secrets to hide, including her. Even him being a werebear is something she can come around to, once she gets used to the idea. But when her budding relationship with Sasha makes Sunny the target of an evil wolf pack and Russian mobsters, she starts to think some of his secrets are too dark to survive. Will Sasha’s secrets ruin his future with Sunny, or will he finally break free of the past?