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The Sraibur Crew

She stowed away on the wrong ship. He’ll make her pay the price.

Ellie Jane doesn’t deserve hard labor and exile on an uninhabited planet, no matter what the judge decided. Her only chance to escape is stowing away on the Sraibur — a pirate ship filled with sexy, intimidating Xaravian warriors. Although getting exiled with the brooding, dominant Nokx would suit EJ just fine, if she didn’t have the kind of secrets that follow a girl across the universe.

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What’s Done in the Dark

Cryptozoologist Ada Montgomery spends all her time searching for Bigfoot and other cyptids in Appalachia, and runs afoul of a vampire instead. When the vampire offers Ada her greatest wish if she helps him walk in the day, will Ada give in or stand on her own? (Much better description coming soon!) Pre-order available now! […]

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urban fantasy


sci-fi romance

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