Bearing Hearts

City Shifters: the Den

Lucy Randall couldn’t save her partner, Ragnar, when their mission against a rogue wolf-pack went bad, but she can finish the job and at least honor Ragnar’s memory by killing the men who ambushed him. Reaching the investigator who hired her, Smith, seems easy enough — until she runs into a man with Ragnar’s face and twice as much attitude.

Axel always thought he would have time to mend fences with his twin brother, until a strange girl with purple hair careens into his life and tells him otherwise. And when it becomes clear Lucy carries other secrets with her, Axel wonders whether inviting her into his life will only destroy what remains of his heart.

Can they avenge Ragnar’s death and get one step closer to destroying the rogue wolf-pack, or will their hearts grow too heavy to bear?