Bear Mail

Delilah Sanders dreams of life in the big city but gets as far as the next town over before everything falls apart. Back at her family’s ranch, Lilah emails her mysterious pen pal to ask for advice on how to get out of North Dakota once and for all. She’s tired of being the only female werebear in three counties, and dealing with her overbearing – ha! – brothers only makes Lilah dream of a much different life.

Alpha wolf Jack McComber never intended his email flirtation with the mysterious girl to turn serious, but when she finally admits she’s ready to use a mail order bride site just to get out of her small town, he doesn’t have any options. He can’t lose her. He’s ready to steal her away until he recognizes her — Delilah, little sister of the alpha bear. Taking Delilah as his mate risks igniting a simmering conflict between his pack and the bears into an all-out war.

Lilah doesn’t know how her brothers will react to her mate, especially after Jack lies to her about who he is and why he’s in town. Can she even forgive Jack for his bad behavior, or were her disapproving brothers right about him all along? With her brother’s wedding fast approaching and the wolves causing more trouble, how can she choose between her mate and her family?