Head Hunter

City Shifters: the Pack

They’re from totally different worlds, but when worlds collide… sparks fly.

When architect Persephone Lawson interviews for a job with the mysterious Evershaw family, she expects tough questions and maybe an odd request or two. She’s totally unprepared to confront a half-man, half-wolf monster and his best friend, who happens to be the hottest, toughest man she’s ever met. Too bad Percy’s nice, normal life has no room for shapeshifter shenanigans.

Dodge upholds the alpha’s law in his pack and spends the rest of his time just gettin’ by. That’s good enough, until he’s tasked to retrieve beautiful, sassy Persephone before she endangers the pack. She turns his world upside down with just one look, and makes a simple job anything but. When she bolts for freedom, Dodge is determined to hunt her down and keep her safe.

Percy fights to get back to normal even if it means never seeing Dodge again. But as supernatural enemies pile up around them, the most dangerous man she knows might be the only one who can save her.