Hunting Grounds

City Shifters: the Pack

He doesn’t trust magic. She doesn’t believe in love.

Wolf shifter Henry knows the witch is dangerous when she hexes him with her out-of-control magic. It’s just his bad luck that he’s supposed to protect Ophelia from all the trouble she attracts. It’s only fair that she help him out with a little problem: convincing his sister Henry won’t be suckered into an arranged marriage. Pretending Ophelia is his mate seems like a good idea… until his wolf and a scorching hot embrace make it clear the wide-eyed witch actually is the other half of his soul.

Ophelia needs a place to hide until her crazy ex-boyfriend — a powerful sorcerer — loses track of her. Hunkering down with a pack of wolves should be safe… until she falls for handsome, brooding Henry. A little fib about a relationship means she can kiss him as much as she wants, but Ophelia knows it’ll never work out. Her ex-boyfriend will hurt anyone who gets near her, and she can’t risk Henry’s life or the safety of his pack. It’s just a matter of time until she has to disappear to protect everyone around her.

Henry never believed in magic until he met Ophelia, but as a vicious enemy closes in to tear them apart, he’ll do everything in his power to protect his sassy mate. Can a witch and a wolf find their happily ever after, or will their fairy tale end in tragedy?