Galaxos Crew

Even scales can’t protect a broken heart. But can they heal one?

Jess Barnes was a rising star in the Information Ministry before she and her crewmates were kidnapped by Xaravian barbarians. She longs for her old life and friends. She can also live without bounty hunters chasing her down in every part of the universe. When one poisons her, Jess is in a race against time to find a cure for the odd condition that sets her heart racing —made worse by the attention of deliciously good looking second-in-command Trazzak.

Trazzak likes order and rules, but Jessalyn brings total chaos to his life and the Galaxos, with bounty hunters and Alliance spies right behind her. When he starts to uncover the many secrets Jess has buried, Trazzak wonders if he should turn her in for betraying the rebellion… or get a lot closer to find out what else she’s hiding. 

Jess doesn’t know who to trust, and hardly even trusts herself as she battles bounty hunters, arms dealers, and the poison in her blood. When the Alliance offers her the antidote and her old life back — in exchange for betraying her crewmates, the Xaravians, and the entire rebellion — what will Jess choose? The Alliance and the safety of the past? Or Trazzak and the dizzying uncertainty of love?