Galaxos Crew

Two hearts are better than one.

When an old friend sends a distress signal from a planet of slave-traders, Cecily Griggs knows what has to happen — she’ll get Heidi back, or die trying. She’s ready for a solo rescue mission when the watchful, smoking hot Vrix insists on going with her. Griggs doesn’t need the distraction of his silver eyes or rocky voice, but his muscles will definitely come in handy… 

Vrix wants nothing more than to claim Griggs as his own. She’s fierce and independent and so beautiful she makes his scales rattle with just a look. A short rescue mission is the perfect opportunity to seduce her — especially when she has to masquerade as his slave so they can access the darkest secrets on the wild planet. But when someone kidnaps Griggs and disappears into the underground, Vrix will do anything to get her back. 

When old enemies ambush her and try to settle the score for attacking the Alliance, Griggs has the fight of her life on her hands. But maybe Vrix will be the one to finally save her.