What’s Done in the Dark

Cryptozoologist Ada Montgomery spends all her time searching for Bigfoot and other cyptids in Appalachia, and runs afoul of a vampire instead. When the vampire offers Ada her greatest wish if she helps him walk in the day, will Ada give in or stand on her own? (Much better description coming soon!) Pre-order available now! […]

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Bait and Switch

Bear Creek Grizzlies

Cooper never wanted to hear from his family again, until one day his father calls to announce Cooper’s on the hook for an arranged marriage to a local leopard shifter. He won’t leave the girl behind to end up trapped with one of his awful cousins, but he never expected to find his mate the moment he lifts her veil.

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Breaking Free

City Shifters: the Den

Lacey Szdoka stays busy as the hyena queen, but after her fiancé’s death, nothing seems to matter. She wants to finish off the evil pack outside the city, hunt down the mastermind behind their dark crimes, and drag the hyena clan into legitimacy. Even the grinning Nick, with his smooth pick-up lines and bad boy attitude, isn’t enough to distract her from her duty. Until he claims to be her mate, which is impossible — her mate is already dead.

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Witch Hunt

City Shifters: the Pack

Deirdre Baker did a magical favor for a bunch of shapeshifters and barely lived to regret it. She has enough trouble paying the bills and keeping her coven off her back without worrying about whether some wolf alpha dies of poison. But when Miles “I always get my way” Evershaw orders his pack to kidnap her, Deirdre finds herself in over her head before she can even hex the infuriating man.

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City Shifters: The Pride Complete Series

City Shifters: the Pride

Complete 5 book series! Contains the first five books of the City Shifters: the Pride series. Follow the five lion shifter Chase brothers on the hunt for true love, as they discover five independent, feisty heroines, evil villains, mysterious pasts, underground fights, family, friends, and happily ever after (times five)!

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The Sraibur Crew

She stowed away on the wrong ship. He’ll make her pay the price.

Ellie Jane doesn’t deserve hard labor and exile on an uninhabited planet, no matter what the judge decided. Her only chance to escape is stowing away on the Sraibur — a pirate ship filled with sexy, intimidating Xaravian warriors. Although getting exiled with the brooding, dominant Nokx would suit EJ just fine, if she didn’t have the kind of secrets that follow a girl across the universe.

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