Bait and Switch

Bear Creek Grizzlies

Cooper never wanted to hear from his family again, until one day his father calls to announce Cooper’s on the hook for an arranged marriage to a local leopard shifter. He won’t leave the girl behind to end up trapped with one of his awful cousins, but he never expected to find his mate the moment he lifts her veil.

Jada would do anything to leave the compound where she grew up, including marrying a complete stranger and a terrifying bear shifter. The marriage will save the rest of the leopards, but after that, Jada won’t look back. Even if the local wolf pack, their mutual enemy, is hot on their heels as Cooper and Jada head west. When they attack and Cooper is critically wounded, Jada digs deep to find the courage to stand on her own and save them both.

Pursued by the angry wolf pack and the ghosts of their pasts, Jada and Cooper fight the outside world together even as they struggle to get to know each other. When the wolves trap them and give Jada the chance to escape… will she take it? Or is the safety of Cooper’s arms and the promise in his eyes enough to build a life on?