A Lion Shame

Bear Creek Grizzlies

Sarah Jane ran off with her baby and her ex-boyfriend’s car the moment she discovered the jerk got involved in drugs. The only sanctuary she knows is with her godmother, Rosie, in a little town called Bear Creek. SJ is ready for a fresh start and no drama, which seems perfectly possible until gorgeous Tate Stewart blows through the door of Rosie’s bar.

Tate and his mountain lion yearn for sunshine and to forget the last woman who broke his heart. He’s surviving well enough until a girl shows up with a car stuffed with drugs and cash in hidden compartments, threatening to drag Tate once more into his shady past. And if that’s not bad enough, the mountain lion shifter is convinced that Sarah Jane is his mate. He might even love her — if he can ever trust her.

When SJ’s ex and his drug dealing pals burst into town to get their haul back, they almost kill Rosie and kidnap SJ’s daughter to trade for the illicit goods. As SJ discovers her own strength and the will to rescue her daughter, Tate struggles to trust her with his heart. When the deal goes sideways, will SJ run for the hills like she always has, or can Tate convince her (and himself) that happiness awaits them both in Bear Creek?