Loaded for Bear

Bear Creek Grizzlies

Kira Lewis hides her jaguar shifter side every day, just so she can focus on her research and finally finish her degree. A trip to the mountains seems like a great opportunity to let her hair down a little while she’s tracking wildlife — until she meets the burly lumberjack who’s supposed to be her guide.

Ethan Roberts tries to ignore how happy his boss, Simon, is with his mate, but Ethan knows deep down, he’s jealous. Teeth-grindingly jealous. He’s given up on finding his mate when serious Kira walks into the Lodge and steals what’s left of his common sense.

Kira doesn’t know how she’ll survive a two week hiking trip with the gorgeous Ethan, when she can hardly concentrate on data or cameras or anything but him. But a run-in with a group of illegal miners in the forest threatens more than just her research. Kira can’t hide her jaguar, but there’s more to Ethan than she knows. Can Ethan save her before she loses everything — including him?