His Bear Hands

Bear Creek Grizzlies

Zoe Stewart didn’t plan to end up in the woods after she emptied her corrupt boss’s bank accounts, but the small town of Bear Creek is the only safe place for her to hide from his minions. Except Bear Creek isn’t connected to anything and she might die without fast wifi, even with the handsome brooding lumberjack to look after her. After a walk in the woods goes badly wrong, Zoe discovers her protector is more than he seems.

Simon Crawford just wants to run tourists into the backwoods of the Cascades on boutique hunting and fishing trips. When his old battle buddy asks him to look after Zoe for a short time, Simon reluctantly agrees — and discovers his bear wants her as much as Zoe wants to leave.

When a car accident leaves Zoe on the verge of death, Simon saves her the only way he knows: gives her his blood and changes her into a bear. Just as her bear recognizes his and their happily ever after seems just around the corner, Zoe’s corrupt boss hunts them both down and threatens to destroy everything Simon has built in Bear Creek. Will Simon’s bear hands be enough to save them both, or will their happily ever after end before it even begins?